Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A bit of catching up here . . .

Since our daughter Mandy's birthday is today, I can finally post her gifties. Hard to believe the youngest of our six kids turned 29 today.

All these birthday goodies were completed a few weeks ago before I came down with some strange sort of flu. Only good thing about being tied down with an achy body and sore head was getting to finish several great books.

We are experimenting with different methods of photographing beadwork here, hence the different shots and exposures.

For those of you who have asked about the Comfort Doll Workshop that I gave last month, believe it or not I was so darn busy helping folks I forgot all about my camera until I unloaded all the workshop supplies back home! Quite a few of the workshop attendees had never even threaded a needle let alone do any beading previously. But they became the most enthusiastic participants of all.

One of the sample practice dolls I used in the workshop has become yet another birthday present for the Mandy daughter. Pictured below, she is decked out in July's birthstone color -- a color I knew Mandy would never wear in a bracelet but would enjoy in a doll.

Will have more projects to post soon (I am knee-deep in them at the moment!) and a few more of the sample practice dolls that have been developed further since the workshop.