Thursday, September 27, 2007

Face Pin Swap

Sassy Art Goddess runs the most fascinating swap I have ever participated in. This was a fun challenge and I learned a bunch of new things making these pins. From molding the faces to experimenting with beaded bezel designs to learning how to make the faces into pins, it was a terrific experience!

Can't wait to see what I receive in this swap . . .

Roxie's Dresses

Heather (Bejeweled) over at Jeweled Elegance invited us to join a paper dress swap. We were asked to make two dresses -- one an Autumn or Halloween costume, and the other a design of our choice. My swap partner, Roxie Morrow, does not like black and orange, so here is her Halloween costume -- a Jane Austen gown fit for any Halloween Ball.

Since Roxie loves pink, I decided to make her a real old-fashioned party dress for the second requirement.

My camera was not in love with me the evening this photos were taken, so they are a bit dark. This paper dress swap was a fun challenge and if I would have a better supply of papers (I am a fabric, yarn, lace, and bead hoarder!) I might have done something a bit different. I am already looking forward to doing a project such as this again.
Hope you like your dresses, Roxie!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Competition Beaded Art Doll Story

. . . for those of you who requested the short story, I have posted it at my author's blog, .

2007 All Dolled Up: Beaded Art Doll Competition

Yesterday I learned that my entry into this competition was selected as one of the six semi-finalists. No one can imagine the excitement this news generated among our family and friends! Although online voting won't take place until November 7th at , I am pleased to present my entry of Galilea here.

This year's theme was Celestial Reflections -- both a beaded art doll and a short story of 1,000-2,000 words was required for submittal. The first paragraph was mandated by contest rules.

. . . don't worry, I will unabashedly remind everyone to vote when the time comes!

The doll's costume is composed of sections of three Hubble photos:

. . . and if you can't stand waiting for the November 7th date to read Galilea's story, I can be coaxed to put it here . . .