Monday, August 27, 2007

June BJP Page

Pearls & Lace and a Gibson Girl's Face

It was to have been her wedding day. It became a day of utter treachery and madness. Lily's life changes drastically when she finds herself entangled in a web of deceit, corruption, and murder -- and learns that her father and her fiance are part of a criminal conspiracy. Suddenly the unwilling guardian of encrypted documents and a stolen fortune, Lily engages in a dangerous game of unmasking the men behind the crimes. But solving the mystery is not enough -- Lily and her newfound true love must survive the consequences of learning the truth.

This Gibson Girl face resided next to my computer screen for seven years, urging me on through five rewrites and four edits of the novel Tierra Red. She simply had to be the theme of my June page since the novel was finished in June, 2007. The ivory lace piece is a remnant from my oldest daughter's wedding gown that I made in 1986. The pearls are a mixture of those used to embellish that wedding gown and from a necklace worn by a relative in the late 1900's. Since both the pearl and the alexandrite are gemstones for the month of June, I added the pink glass pieces and beads.

The irony of the clear glass seed beads that were used for the "webbing" is that their purchase had been a mistake when I bought them a year ago. They were relegated to the bottom of one of my bead boxes in disgust. Wow, did they ever come in handy when mixed with the rainbow clear and other beads for this 6x8" page!

Lily's face was printed on ecru patterned cotton with an inkjet printer and an overlay of ivory lace was placed over it.


vivage said...

This is my favorite of the three, it seems so personal to you, your family and a great way to illustrate your other creative outlet. Fabulously done!

KV said...

That Gibson Girl face holds a lot of precious meaning and kept me going through some long, long sessions into the wee hours of the night, er, morning many times.

Thanks for your lovely comment!


Lin Moon said...

She's just beautiful! Would love to see some detail if you figure that out....

Judi D said...

She is divine. She finally found a place after 7 years. Beautifuly done!

Lillian said...

Hi Kathy,

What an incredible piece! And with all the personal memories embedded into each stitch-WOW!

Lillian in WA

KV said...

Thanks Lin, Judi, and Lillian -- my oldest daughter has no clue that I used that lace on this page!

Kathy V in NM

Sacredartist said...

Beautiful and Powerful. I love all the memories you have sewn into this art work. Thank you for sharing them with us.

freebird said...

Beautiful page. Someday I will have to try printing something out on fabric. What did you use to stiffen it?

Someday your daughter is going to want this page so take care of it.

You never know when a bead will fit. I try to buy some that aren't exactly "me" or "different" just for those occasions.

Kiwi Ellen said...

Oh my this is truely a work of art

Maggie R said...

Oh My!!!
This page is so beautiful. Your work is truly inspirational , especially to a novice such as myself. Thanks so much for sharing.